Voyager Space

Voyager Space

Starlab Systems Requirements Review: Complete

It’s an exciting day for Team Starlab! We are announcing another critical milestone ahead of Starlab’s launch: the successful completion of our station-level System Requirements Review (SRR).

The SRR is a multi-disciplined review to evaluate the functional, technical, performance, and security requirements of Starlab, a first-of-its-kind, continuously crewed, free-flying space station. Working with NASA’s Commercial Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) Development program, Starlab aims to stimulate the commercial space economy and provide science and crew capabilities prior to the decommissioning of the International Space Station (ISS).

“As we move into the era of commercial space stations, NASA will have the opportunity to serve as a customer of our platform. To garner the agency’s business, we need to uphold the highest levels of safety requirements, and this SRR is a major step towards meeting our customer’s needs,” says Marshall Smith, Vice President of Exploration at Voyager Space. “Safety and trust are critical for commercial providers, and we’re proud to be taking the next big step in LEO.”

The evaluation was completed in June 2023. It included Voyager, Nanoracks, Airbus, and Hilton, in collaboration with NASA, and we examined the completeness and appropriateness of Starlab’s functional, technical, performance, safety and mission requirements for the system and elements, while scrutinizing the technical solution of the conceptual design and operational concept, feasibility of project development plans, and proposed verification activities.

We believe strongly in the power of space to provide solutions for many of Earth’s biggest problems and are proud of the team’s hard work in achieving this critical milestone. We are bringing together an exceptional team of engineers and business minds to create a future in space that delivers the impact we’ve always imagined.