Dustin Barr

Dustin Barr

Director, Aerospace Division, Valley Tech Systems

University of Nevada, Reno Selects Valley Tech Systems as an Approved Learning Site

Real-world training is invaluable for those new in their career, as it provides knowledge and experience – all at the same time. Valley Tech Systems (VTS) and the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) have entered a five-year partnership that establishes VTS as an approved “Learning Site” – allowing engineering interns to earn college credits while gaining real-world experience in a fast-paced and technically challenging engineering environment.

This mutually beneficial partnership is set to strengthen both VTS and UNR. VTS interns can gain UNR credits through their internship program, while UNR engineering students have direct access to future career opportunities supported by engineering mentorship. The company is already a popular place for university graduates: UNR alumni represent nine full-time employees and two interns here at VTS. Multiple VTS employees are also pursuing their master’s degrees at the university. VTS encourages educational advancements through mentorships and tuition re-imbursement. VTS also employs US veterans from different armed forces of the United States.

VTS is proud to sponsor Max Lippold, a four-year engineering intern, on his UNR senior “CAPSTONE” project. VTS is providing engineering resources, oversight, and budget support for materials. Max will lead his UNR “CAPSTONE” team in developing a gap filling capability in support of VTS technology development. This collaborative project is a win-win situation where VTS gains added capability while also helping Max and his team complete their required CAPSTONE program in pursuit of their Bachelor of Science Engineering degrees. The CAPSTONE project will develop a unique piece of equipment that enables further advancements in VTS’s unique controllable solid technologies. Max’s team will go through the entire engineering process (requirements, design, analysis, fabrication, and requirements verification) which will demonstrate the engineering skills learned via the UNR engineering program.

Pictured below is the CAPSTONE team (Left to Right: Kaycee Smith, Jena Schram, Ethan Labson, Cole Mattoon and Max Lippold)


“Interning at Valley Tech Systems has provided me with growth opportunities unlike anything I would have expected during my college career. Their continued support of my engineering learning experience both inside and outside of class has been crucial in setting me up for graduation and the world beyond. By sponsoring my senior year design project, they have allowed me to share the knowledge gained during my time at VTS with my close peers. And provide them with the same real-world experience that give young engineers a clear edge in the job market.” – Max Lippold, four-year engineering intern, VTS

VTS is proud to work alongside UNR to develop the next generation of aerospace engineers. Their work is not only incredibly impactful to VTS, but their achievements made today help advance the broader commercial space industry of tomorrow.