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Voyager Space

Voyager Space and Nanoracks Announce Successful Completion of Science Park System Requirements Review

Since being awarded a Space Act Agreement with NASA in December 2021, Voyager Space and Nanoracks have been working in full force to make Starlab and our on-orbit Science Park a reality. Part of the rigorous (and rewarding) development process includes a Science Park payload systems System Requirements Review (SRR).

And we are thrilled to report that the SRR was successfully completed and approved by NASA in January.

An SRR for our Science Park was critical in order to define the payload requirements that drive the Starlab design, including:

  • The ability to size the station to fit the needs of a wide range of customers in addition to the continuous presence of at least four astronauts
  • Determining payload systems power, data, thermal control, systems, racks, etc.


We focused on internal components and capabilities of Starlab, specifically on the Science Park, because our vision is to create a purpose-built space station, based on the design and user needs of our customers. This development approach ensures we’re building the most capable, cost-effective, and sustainable station.

We are targeting completion of a station-level SRR this year.

Speaking of Starlab, the station development is still progressing nicely. We announced a new partnership in January with Airbus Defence and Space to help develop our Starlab design. Airbus will provide technical design support and expertise for the space station and help open Starlab to the European Space Agency and its member state agencies.

Stay tuned for more to come on Starlab progress!