Launch as a Service

Every new rocket company must navigate the same lengthy process of procuring a launch site, filling out the required paperwork, constructing / altering the launch pad to fit their specific needs, and staffing and maintaining the launch site once all other arrangements have been made. 

From the sketch pad to the launch pad, we provide expertise each step of the way in a rocket company’s journey to orbit through hardware & services.


We work with commercial spaceports to effectively streamline the paperwork process and ensure that all the necessary safety checks are complete


Our ground support equipment is ready to deploy from any spaceport, and can be used for ground based launch, air launch or sea launch operations


Our flight-proven quick disconnect fittings have been adapted for ground, and spacecraft use, providing a common interface between all elements on the launch site

Bring the pad, we bring everything else!

  •  We are developing mobile, modular, ground support equipment that is leasable and replaces the need for a permanent launch site
  • Any rocket company can simply book the date, select the pad they want to use, and prepare their rocket for shipment to the site
  • We handle the range compliance and our technicians deploy and activate the mobile launch site in under a day
  • When the client arrives, all they need to do is integrate their vehicle and payload for launch

Enabling Launch from Everywhere!

By streamlining regulations, lowering costs, and providing standardized pad equipment, we allow launch vehicles to have reasonable, fixed cost access to orbit and the flexibility to launch from anywhere