On-Orbit Servicing

Outpost Program

Launching in 2021 on the MARS DEMO-1 SpaceX Rideshare; our first in-space Outpost technology mission. 

In-space infrastructure has arrived. Tools are now being developed to convert space junk into commercial space station Outposts.  Outposts are our pillars of space exploration that are focused on concepts we cherish here on Earth: re-use and recycle. 

Our Outpost fleet will be made from spent upper-stages in-orbit and other structures after they have completed their primary mission. 


With more and more satellites being launched into orbit every day, the need for satellite servicing and repair is growing exponentially. Voyager’s on-orbit servicing capability, coupled with active space debris mitigation, will create a safe, sustainable space environment to usher in the next generation of mega constellations.

Bull Dog

Leveraging proprietary capture robotics and state of the art small satellite solar electric propulsion systems, these vehicles will provide a wide range of affordable services to satellite and space facility operators.

Bulldog can provide satellite operators with affordable inspection, refueling, modular repair and upgrade services, as well as end-of-life disposal services, and active debris removal.

Bulldog also enables safe and affordable delivery of cargo, modularly-swappable hosted payloads, and construction materials to space facilities, hosted payload platforms, and in-space assembly/manufacturing sites.

Dog Tag

High speed servicing requires flawless interfacing between vehicles. Our Dog Tag grappling interface allows for simple and secure interaction between multiple vehicles. To minimize space debris and make future de-orbiting seamless, Dog Tags are currently flying on a leading mega satellite constellation.  

Electro Permanent Magnets

Our solid state, electronically switchable permanent magnets (EPM) are a key enabler for satellite capture and servicing. No moving parts and minimal energy consumption makes this technology critical for a wide range of applications both in space and on earth.


These small, low-profile EPM-based magnetic latching connectors enable repairs, fluid transfer, modular upgrades, or ground / in-space installation of hosted payloads. Small enough to fit on a cubesat, but powerful enough to be useful for a multi-ton spacecraft.