Space Station Infrastructure and Services

Voyager is ushering in the next generation of space destinations. As the International Space Station nears its retirement, our commercial space stations are designed to meet utilization demand for both crewed and uncrewed platforms. 


From the Drawing Board to Orbit

We provide launch and mission management services, develop and operate science and research infrastructure from microscopes to airlocks, and build the next generation of crewed and uncrewed space stations. 


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Starlab is our continuously crewed, independent space station dedicated to conducting advanced research, fostering industrial activity, and ensuring global access to low-Earth orbit led by American industry. Starlab will host the George Washington Carver Science Park, the first-ever science park in space.
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Outposts are a pillar of sustainable space exploration. We are recycling used launch vehicle upper stages, transforming them into controllable, autonomous platforms.

Each Outpost is brought to life by our Mission Extension Kits, which provide power, propulsion, data-handling, and communications. These uncrewed space stations support commercial and national security needs, and enable critical operations, like refueling, on-orbit storage, phased deployment, and more.


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Airlocks, critical infrastructure for all space stations, facilitate movement between the internal station environment and the vacuum of space. Our first Airlock, Bishop, became the first permanent, commercial addition to the International Space Station in 2020, offering 5x more capacity than the government airlocks.

Bishop & future airlocks facilitate more efficient movement of equipment, internal and external research, satellite and trash deployment, maintenance, and other services.

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Launch and Mission Management Services

We provide a suite of commercial hardware and services that support customer missions to space. Our dedicated and attentive mission managers fast-track your mission and simplify the process. Whether you need microscopes, freezers, end-to-end services for launch support, microgravity research, satellite deployment, equipment certification, or just a ride, our team is at the ready.