Designed based on user-centric needs and leveraging cutting-edge space tech.

Starlab is planned to be the first continuously crewed, free-flying commercial space station, leveraging innovative, yet known, technologies to provide a science and mission capability equivalent to that on the ISS today.

Operational before the ISS is decommissioned, the Starlab design enables launch on a single mission. No additional flights necessary – we’re getting right down to business.

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Astronauts, Continuously Crewed

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The Low-Earth Orbit Experts

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Expert support for the journey of a lifetime. Our team has spent over a decade mastering what it takes to operate a commercial space station – from research and satellites, to astronaut operations and marketing activities, we know how to make dreams in space a reality.
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The First Science Park in Space

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The George Washington Carver (GWC) Science Park stands at the heart of Starlab, hosting research hardware for astronauts, scientists, students, and commercial companies to use in space. Its planned core scientific departments include:

  • Biology
  • Plant Habitation
  • Physical Science,
  • Materials Science
  • Open work bench area

Start working in space, today

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The GWC Science Park is operational today in our first location – the International Space Station.

Our activities today on the International Space Station allow for a seamless transition to Starlab and other commercial space stations of the future. The GWC Science Park is designed to help users solve humanity’s most pressing challenges.

Nanoracks CubeSat Deployer - On Orbit Assembly - Drew Morgan
Astronaut Drew Morgan Assembles the Nanoracks CubeSat Deployer on the International Space Station.

Starlab Features

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One Launch

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Once deployed, Starlab will offer an Initial Operating Capability (IOC) that allows for immediate and continuous crew presence and commercial activity.
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Reconfigurable Systems

The GWC Science Park will be fully reconfigurable. This allows for scientific components to be upgraded, replaced, or expanded as customer requirements change.

Starlab Explainer

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Starlab Trailer

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