Bob Arciniaga

Bob Arciniaga is the Founder and Managing Partner of Advisory Board Building Boards that Build Organizations Advisory Board Architects, LLC. Founded in 2005, ABA builds, maintains, and manages “High Impact” advisory boards and boards of directors. ABA’s expertise is in how to effectively and efficiently leverage fiduciary and non-fiduciary boards for maximum impact and return for organizations and their board members. ABA’s proprietary Board Engagement system is designed to address the lack of quantifiable strategic impact that many organizations fail to receive from their boards. ABA has developed a first of its kind scalable process that transforms any type of board into a Strategic Accelerator that generates quantifiable ROI. ABA accomplishes this through a unique four step process that starts by designing the board for specific strategic information, then building the board with the right board members that match those objectives, leveraging the board through a highly disciplined management process and finally evaluating the effectiveness and impact of a board. This translates that into a quantifiable ROI analysis. ABA works with both private and publicly traded companies from $20mm in revenues to $22bil. Bob has personally run and built boards in Panama, Columbia, Mexico, Ukraine, Malaysia, Spain, Singapore, China, and the US. Since inception, ABA is proud to have had over 1600 board meetings run on ABA’s proprietary platform in 14 different countries and 4 different languages.

Mr. Arciniaga is centered in the entrepreneurial world, as a leader, business owner and investor. His roots in business started at a very young age. His grandmother founded one of the largest Mexican Food Products Manufacturing Companies in the United States in the garage of their home in East Los Angeles in 1948. With his first-hand knowledge of working in a family-owned business environment, he headed off to work on Wall Street becoming one of the youngest and few Hispanic Institutional Equity Traders. His thirst for learning and advancement opportunities lead him to the role as head trader for a large hedge fund where he developed his own algorithmic trading systems and headed up quant trading operations. Some of these proprietary methodologies are the basis of what is now part of the ABA evaluation and selection processes of board member candidates.

Bob is a recognized thought leader in building High Impact boards and speaks at many events for boards of directors and organizations. He has provided his unique and energetic High Impact Board Training to a large number of organizations including; multiple YPO chapters and global events, Women on Boards, Singapore and Hong Kong Institutes of Directors, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchanges, and various organization boards. Bob has been interviewed and highlighted in numerous publications and ABA was highlighted in the successful business book by Salim Ismael (2014) Exponential Organizations.

Bob lives outside of Denver Colorado with his wife and three young children.