Space Technology Solutions

We provide solutions for spacecraft communications, propulsion, Earth and space visualization systems, orbital servicing and space sustainability solutions, and other advanced solutions. Learn more below.


Spacecraft Communications & Subsystems

Our spacecraft technologies have long-standing heritage, enabling LEO, GEO and Cislunar missions since 2006 with a failure-free track record.

We offer a broad range of technologies, including radiation-hardened laser and radio frequency communications systems, electro-optical, and digital systems, which include telemetry, tracking & command transceivers, mission-data transmitters, star trackers, cameras, image processors, and command and data handling systems.


Laser and RF Communications

Cutting-edge, high-performance systems include laser communication terminals, a full suite of highly-reliable radio frequency products, including Software Defined Radios, Mission Data Transmitters and Transponders, and more.




Our controllable solid propulsion technologies make solids perform like liquids. This technology allows for the in-flight modulation of thrust for solid fuel boosters, enabling a dramatic improvement in accuracy for both subsonic and hypersonic systems.

rocket propulsion into space
Voyager Space Earth and Space Visualization


Earth and Space Visualization


Software and systems that provide space-to-Earth and space-to-space visualization in support of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) applications. Our signal processes and geolocation technologies improve situational awareness and clarify operational landscapes.

Orbital Servicing & Space Sustainability

Our ElectroPermanent Magnet and robotics support systems enable safe management and servicing of on-orbit assets and space debris. This allows for secure refueling, repair, re-orbiting and decommissioning of satellites. This dual-use technology also supports critical robotic planetary exploration capabilities.

Advanced Solutions

We provide launch support services, including logistics, and insurance and compliance consulting, and mobile launchpad infrastructure for launch companies. We’re also developing technologies for the extraction of oxygen and steel from Moon dust – a critical technology with large-scale applications for human space exploration and industrial needs on Earth.