Voyager Space IP Exchange

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Voyager Space IP Exchange is the patent and intellectual property marketplace for orbital, space exploration, planetary colonization, and all critical space mission technologies that enable humanity’s most ambitious projects.

Buy or license breakthrough inventions and solutions to reduce your research and development budget and schedule. VSIPX is space mission focused to make it easy to find the valuable technologies you need.

Monetize your patented inventions by listing for sale or license at the center of the space IP universe. VSIPX provides a forum for inventors and businesses of all sizes to market breakthrough IP and realize value from underutilized or underappreciated segments of your patent portfolio.



We’ve gathered the top space technologies available and assembled in a searchable marketplace to help you find the missing pieces of your mission enabling solutions. Avoid patent infringement and lengthy research and development by acquiring existing IP from the top minds in the industry. Don’t waste time combing the USPTO archives – space mission enabling patents are available on VSIPX for purchase or licensing today.



List your patents for sale or license to our network of the leading NewSpace companies. Find a profitable home for your latest invention by selling outright or licensing for a recurring revenue stream. Stop paying maintenance fees for long dormant patents that have not been commercialized and finally reap a return on the investment you made in them. Simply fill out the seller’s information form and upload a PDF of your patents.