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Our planet’s first public space investment portal

More than an investment platform 

On Spaced Ventures, you’re invited to join a passionate community that comes from a diverse set of social and economic backgrounds. Our members all share a common goal – sending humanity to the stars. 

We’re proud to be a champion of innovation and help bridge the gap between space enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and industry professionals.

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Money + Expertise + Network
By building in access to industry experts and a growing network of space enthusiasts, raising your early funding with Spaced Ventures could set your company up for long term success.
More funding, more launches
We know aerospace. We know startups. And we know how hard it is to raise funds as an aerospace startup.
A well-timed Regulation Crowdfunding raise through Spaced Ventures could set your company up for long term success. Our companies get direct access to advice from space industry experts as well as talent from the world’s largest network of space enthusiasts and investors.
Follow-on Investment
You can raise a venture round before, during or after your Spaced Ventures campaign. A Regulation Crowdfunding round is a valuable complement to traditional capital and not intended to replace it.

Fenimore Ventures Management consulting Strategic planning Capital sourcing Business development DC policy

Founded in 2007 by successful Software and Services Executives, FVI is an award-winning, National Full Service Boutique Consulting and Services Company.  FVI focuses on Start-Ups, Step-Ups, Turn-Arounds and Companies preparing for Hyper-Growth or Re-Incarnation. 

With offices in New York, Washington DC, Chicago, and Los Angeles, FVI delivers performance-based results to Global 500, Technology Start-Ups, NewSpace, and Government/National Defense clients. 

FVI is also the author of the widely acclaimed “Nine P’s” Program- a data-driven, metrics and analytics-based cross-organization  program, that verifies a viable commercial product offering; builds a logic and market-based multi-year operating plan; and  drives consistent behavior, direction, execution and realistic Operating Performance and Growth Plans. 

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Strategic Consulting
Business Consulting, Financial Capital Investment, Operating Plan Development, Board Advisement
Executive Search & Staff Augmentation
Contingency-based Search and Contract Programming Services
Sales Teams for Hire: “Stealth to Sales”
FVI acts as client sales and GTM team for new product offerings, start-ups, and organizations introducing themselves to the North American marketplace
DC Ops
Federal Sales, Congressional Liaison, Market Development Services
Software Sales
Cyber-Security, Risk Management, Performance Management, Big Data/Analytics, Government/National Defense, New Space, Cloud, IOT, Satellite Comms.
Space 2.0
Government and Commercial Launch Services and Sales, business consulting, strategic design/development, satellite technologies and strategic plan development and design.