Legal & Contracting Services

AEGIS LEGAL Compliance Contracting Training

Aegis is a boutique law firm serving the commercial space industry and catering specifically to the needs of startups and entrepreneurs.

Our team focuses on areas such as:

· Incorporation & Structuring for Investment
· Export & Import Control (EAR & ITAR)
· US Government & Defense Contracting
· Small Business Innovation Research Contracts (SBIR)
· Regulatory Licensing (FAA, NOAA, FCC, etc.)
· International Contracting
· Training for Officers & Employees in Compliance Requirements
· Knowing what the heck your engineers are talking about because we’re nerds too

Our business model benefits us by allowing us to be truly passionate about the companies we work with and offer a service unlike any other law firm.

Space Focus
At Aegis, we don’t want to be experts in one area of law across all industries. We’re not interested in having hundreds of clients that we work with just one time. We concentrate our practice to the areas of law pivotal to emerging commercial space companies and want to enable our clients to achieve great success.
Our business model is built around your needs with considerations such as affordability and flexibility. We offer a subscription-based pricing model rather than flat, hourly fees.
This benefits you by...
· Allowing us to integrate and invest ourselves into your team as outside counsel
· Being able to advise you quickly and when you need us—preventing problems and providing reassurance
· Providing a primary point of contact for your other professional services e.g. accountants, tax professionals, patent attorneys, etc.
· Allowing legal services to be predictable and easily built into your budget
· Accompanying you to negotiations and other situations in which you might need legal representation


Employment laws are complicated. If you make a mistake when hiring, training, disciplining, or firing an employee, it can cost you a lot of money and stress.

Employers who know how to follow the rules have a much better chance of staying out of trouble and creating a positive environment for their employees that fosters teamwork and productivity.

Jeff Weintraub, a partner with Fisher Phillips LLP, trains supervisors and managers of companies across the country in all aspects of employment-related best practices. In so doing, he helps companies avoid litigation and focus on what they do best. He has long experience in defending employers in employment lawsuits before juries in federal and State courtrooms.

Fisher Phillips is a national, management-side, labor & employment law firm, with 37 offices across the country. Fisher Phillips is honored to work alongside Voyager Space Services and Aegis Trade Law to provide management and staff training for:

  • Ethics
  • Diversity
  • No-harassment

Offered remotely or in-person. Flat rates regardless of class size available.