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Laura Forczyk is the owner of Astralytical, a research, consulting, and publishing firm founded in 2016 and located outside of Atlanta. Our focus is high-quality big-picture outlook on the space sector including space-related scientific research, industry and policy analysis, career coaching, and communications. We welcome global clientele for consulting, coaching, project, or ongoing support.

We have served over 25 consulting clients and over 50 coaching clients. We work with small businesses and startups, government agencies, educational institutions, science fiction creators, investors, and market research firms.

About Laura
Laura serves as a mentor for the Brooke Owens Fellowship program. She is the author of Rise of the Space Age Millennials and is finalizing her second book on space tourism and private spaceflight.

Prior to forming Astralytical, she ran the Florida office of international startup working to establish parabolic and suborbital flight at Kennedy Space Center and globally. She has served as a NASA Subject Matter Expert for Planetary Science Missions.

She earned a bachelor of science in astrophysics from Florida Institute of Technology. She earned a master of science in astrophysics from the University of Alabama in Huntsville researching high-energy emission from gamma-ray bursts. She conducted doctoral studies in planetary science at the University of Central Florida researching low-energy impacts and regolith (dust) dynamics on the Moon, Mars, and asteroids.
our unique vision
We thrive on the intersections of disciplines. Our broad expertise spanning science, technology, exploration, and public policy gives us a unique perspective. We see what others may miss. We strive to expand the vision of our clients.

Our vision is space access and use for everyone. We envision a future where everyone has access to space resources and data. We work toward a future where everyone has the ability to personally explore space, to view our planet from above and explore farther if they choose. We believe space is for all of humanity.


Founded in 2007 by successful Software and Services Executives, FVI is an award-winning, National Full Service Boutique Consulting and Services Company.  FVI focuses on Start-Ups, Step-Ups, Turn-Arounds and Companies preparing for Hyper-Growth or Re-Incarnation. 

With offices in New York, Washington DC, Chicago, and Los Angeles, FVI delivers performance-based results to Global 500, Technology Start-Ups, NewSpace, and Government/National Defense clients. 

FVI is also the author of the widely acclaimed “Nine P’s” Program- a data-driven, metrics and analytics-based cross-organization  program, that verifies a viable commercial product offering; builds a logic and market-based multi-year operating plan; and  drives consistent behavior, direction, execution and realistic Operating Performance and Growth Plans. 

Strategic Consulting
Business Consulting, Financial Capital Investment, Operating Plan Development, Board Advisement
Executive Search & Staff Augmentation
Contingency-based Search and Contract Programming Services
Sales Teams for Hire: “Stealth to Sales”
FVI acts as client sales and GTM team for new product offerings, start-ups, and organizations introducing themselves to the North American marketplace
Software Sales
Cyber-Security, Risk Management, Performance Management, Big Data/Analytics, Government/National Defense, New Space, Cloud, IOT, Satellite Comms.
DC Ops
Federal Sales, Congressional Liaison, Market Development Services
Software Sales
Cyber-Security, Risk Management, Performance Management, Big Data/Analytics, Government/National Defense, New Space, Cloud, IOT, Satellite Comms.
Space 2.0
Government and Commercial Launch Services and Sales, business consulting, strategic design/development, satellite technologies and strategic plan development and design.

CAPITOL ALLIANCE SOLUTIONS management consulting strategic planning dc policy

Capitol Alliance Solutions – leveraging nearly four decades of Washington, D.C. operations / professional experience in the high-tech private and public sectors. 

Many federal consulting firms in the nation’s capital focus primarily on government affairs – helping to navigate clients through the proverbial policy and legislative sausage-making process in the executive and legislative branches.   

Capitol Alliance Solutions, founded in 2005, sets itself apart from these firms by putting the emphasis on “solutions” to its clients’ needs – including both policy and business development challenges. We believe that today’s economic challenges demand that government consultants need to be way more than “time and cost sinks” associated with networking among the key officials, drafting white papers, and related activities.   

As important as these skills are, we also believe that it is critical to combine our policy and regulatory expertise with developing and executing solutions for clients to capture greater share in both the federal and private sector markets.  By helping the client generate income over time, we believe that this is the most effective way of repaying the client for their trust and investment of resources. 

To that end, we leverage nearly four decades of Washington Operations professional experience in the high tech private and public sectors to advance our client’s policy goals while also assisting with their business development/revenue objectives. 

Building and executing a Washington Operations campaign to position company for long term success: 

Prospective customer agencies:  

  • Develop and leverage personal relationships, including awareness of relevant programs, opportunities, proposals.  
  • Proactively Solicit Grant Money and R&D Agreements with NASA, Air Force, Space Force, NRO, and associated agencies. 
  • Access and review outstanding RFI and RFP solicitations through various online sources. 
  • Sole source contracts.